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Unternehmensphilosophie - HBC Gruppe

business Philosophy

Independent entrepreneurs and reliable partners

Performance is our DNA

  • Mutual trust is our basis along the entire value chain.
  • With competencies and expertise from various sectors of the economy, we provide comprehensive advice. Through transparency and a seamless risk transfer, our specialists design individual insurance solutions so that our clients can develop their business in the best possible way.
  • Our specialists are at work every day with intensity, know-how and competence.

Our corporate values



Appreciation is central to the HBC Group.

Every person is unique, and it is important for us to value and promote individual abilities. We work in an environment characterized by respect and empathy. Our employees are the heart of our company; they should have flexibility and feel comfortable in an appreciative environment. HBC supports developing talents and exploring the ideas of all employees. HBC promotes a working culture of respect and appreciation and is committed to having a positive impact on employees, customers, the environment and our society.

We understand our clients’ needs and design tailor-made solutions based on them. In doing so, at HBC we build long-term client relationships based on mutual appreciation and our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.



To HBC Group, trust is an important value that plays a central role in all business relationships. We place great importance on our customers trusting us and being able to rely on us. Trust is the basis for successful cooperation.

How do we manage to gain the trust of our customers? We do it through our professionalism, our expertise, and our integrity. Our employees are highly trained and have extensive knowledge of insurance and finance. We listen to our clients, understand their individual needs, and wishes, and offer customized solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements. We explain to our clients what services they can expect from us and how we can benefit them.

We understand that mutual trust is an ongoing challenge that requires continuous effort. We are confident that through commitment and passion for what we do, we can maintain the trust of our customers.



Openness is an essential part of our corporate culture. We are committed being transparent and honest both within the HBC-Group and in the relationships with our stakeholders.

For us, open and transparent client communication is the key to successful cooperation. We attach great importance to transparent communication within our firm and making sure that information and decisions are accessible to everyone. We foster a culture of open exchange and take feedback seriously. In addition, we focus on creating a fair working environment in which everyone can freely and openly share thoughts and opinions.

Our culture of openness helps us to successfully master the opportunities and challenges of the permanently changing business world.



HBC highly values sustainability in all its business activities. We focus on sustainable business processes and products that positively shape our impact on the environment and society. This includes, but is not limited to, reducing our environmental impact, and using resources sparingly. Initiatives currently in place include: reduced paper consumption policy in place, roll-out of digital processes, investment in environmentally friendly technologies, energy consumption optimisation, and we also make sure that our business travel is as climate-neutral as possible by using public transport.

We also support our customers’ sustainability goals by helping them chose sustainable products and raising awareness of environmentally friendly behaviour.

However, our responsibility goes beyond the environment. We are involved in social projects and advocate for social issues. A fair working environment, respect for human rights and equality for all employees are particularly important to us.

For us, sustainability means acting today to leave an intact and liveable environment and society for future generations. We take our responsibility seriously and want to make a positive contribution to the future together.