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Retail Broking for Private Clients

HBC provides tailor-made solutions for retail customers. Our partners work closely with private clients to deliver tailored coverage made to suit each client’s unique risk requirements.

We fully understand that client assets require specific protection, which is why our partners offer a tailored service and create personalized solutions to meet your needs. HBC arranges cover for assets ranging from homes and their contents, individual works of art, prestige cars and leisure boats.

What Is Private Insurance?

We understand that many unforeseen events arise in everyone’s life – be that an unexpected accident or an act of nature. By protecting our clients against unpredictable circumstances, we help them live a more worry-free lifestyle so that they can focus on what really matters.


Our Approach

Clients are our most important assets. As such, the client is at the centre of everything we do – and our industry experts know this. By providing all-round advice, having personal contact points and devising tailored insurance solutions, we maximise client satisfaction.


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