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Working in the HBC group

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic employees who enjoy contributing their with strengths and ideas to our company. In addition to excellent career opportunities and training, we offer a working environment characterized by trust, openness, and flexibility. We combine the modern and, digital world with our values and principles, remaining committed to our social and social responsibility at the same time.

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The corporate culture at HBC

Our corporate culture represents a significant factor in the job satisfaction and commitment of our team.
Aspects of the company culture that are fundamental to us HBC employees

HBC Corporate Values

We live our corporate values and identify with them. Each member of our team is part of something meaningful, which further motivates us and makes us proud.

Open communication

Open and transparent communication is of great importance to employeesus. Mutual openness and talking to each other is a core part of what we do. We highly value actionable feedback and the ability to act on it very highly.

Appreciation and recognition

Appreciation and recognition are of great importance at HBC. This means that rewarding performance is actively practiced within our structures and teams.

Focus on learning

We focus on continued learning opportunities and believe in learning by doing. We seek to foster an apprenticeship culture, where senior employees pass down their knowledge to more recent recruits.

Working conditions

Good working conditions and a positive working environment are important for the well-being and productivity of our employees. Whether at the office or working from home, whether full-time, part-time or flexible, - our employees are provided with the best working conditions.

Development opportunities

We are growing and developing dynamically at HBC. This provides numerous growth opportunities for everyone in the team, which we encourage everyone to take. Our continued focus on growth enables employees to successfully achieve personal and professional goals. , and everyone is encouraged to strengthen their own skills and shape them with their efforts.

Networking and teamwork

We believe in self-reliant and independent work. However, to work successfully it is also necessary to rely on team work and leverage our employees’ external and internal networks. By promoting openness, and networking, we believe we can all benefit together.

Code of Conduct

At HBC , we strive to create a work environment where our employees are safe, respected, and valued. We value integrity and ethics and expect our employees to adhere to our values at all times. We actively promote a culture of respect and integrity. The HBC Group promotes diversity and equality among our employees. We expect respectful and courteous interactions. We strive to create a safe and healthy work environment where all employees work in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We aim to create a working environment where everyone does their best to achieve our mission and the goals we set together.

Benefits on the job

Our employees will benefit on this

Flexible working time

Working hours can be arranged flexibly in consultation with the team



Depending on your length of service with the company, you will receive a token of appreciation within the framework of the current regulations.


Mobile working

Talk to your team leader. We will find flexible options.



Water, lemonade, coffee, and tea; you have a wide range to choose from


VDU glasses

We contribute to the cost of a new pair of VDU glasses to help you see clearly


Discount program

In our shopping portal, you will find great offers at sensationally low prices



Through our cooperation partner JobRad you have the opportunity to ride a leased company bike. Simply more mobility.



We support you within the framework of our company occupational disability concept, as well as in the company pension scheme.


Deutschland Ticket

We pay you a monthly allowance for your commute to the office.



We support you individually with the monthly costs for your childcare.


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I apply? 
We usually receive applications in the traditional written form. But why not try something new? We are open to all common formats. Tell us something about yourself so that we can get a first impression of you. Perhaps there are already questions and suggestions from your side? We look forward to hearing from you!
Can I also send in a speculative application?
You are welcome to send us an unsolicited application if you do not find a suitable position for you in the job advertisements. Simply use our contact form (contact form) or visit our LinkedIn company profile (LinkedIn company profile).
What does the application process look like and what steps do I need to take?
Once we have received your application, we will confirm receipt within 2 working days. After one week at the latest, we will contact you to discuss the next steps in the application process together.
How long does the application process usually take, and when can I expect to hear back?
We react quickly and do not put anything on the back burner. Within 2 working days, you will receive confirmation that we have received your documents and after 5 working days at the latest, we will initiate the next steps in our application process together with you.
How should I prepare for the first meeting?
Just be yourself! We are only human and would like to get to know the person. Simple, honest, pragmatic.
Can the interviews also take place remotely?
The situation in times of Corona has shown us how important flexibility is in everyday professional life and in the application process. Of course, interviews can also take place remotely.
What do I do if I don’t hear anything from HBC in response to my application?
If you do not receive confirmation from us that we have received your application within 5 working days, please contact us at Thank you.